Organic fruits from Spain

We are organic farmers and also researchers in Murcia Region, Spain.
We are registered and certified for the Consejo Regulador de Agricultura Ecológica de la Región de Murcia, with 0002 registry number; we have many years of experience with organic fruits cultivation.
We do research and development with stone fruit trees in order to discover new fruit tree varieties with strong resistance to pests and diseases and more adapted to the climate change.
Our prioritary objetive is to develop also fruit tree varieties with very good flavor, with more high antioxidants content and with high nutrition level.
These objetives can do more easy the organic fruit production.

We produce organic stone fruits, basically: apricots, peaches, nectarines and flat peaches. We cultivate our own fruit tree varieties. Our research, innovation and development system allows us to select new varieties well adapted to our climate, soil and irrigation water.
We also have our own rootstocks, selected specially for apricot trees and resistant to irrigation waters with high saline content.
We are building a experimental orchard with cherry varieties and table grape varieties, in order to diversify our organic fruits production.
We always try to offer an organic product with the minimum possible treatments, even at the cost of losing something in external visual appeal, but ensuring excellent nutritional quality and flavor.
In addition, we think that the phytosanitary treatments, even with authorized organic products, always suppose an addition of substances foreign to the fruits and a procedure that is outside of natural cycles.
The fruits offer starts last days of April or first May, always waiting that the fruits are ripe completely on the tree.
We package the organic fruits in a cardboard box 5 kilos format in organic apricots and in single-layer cardboard trays in organic peaches, organic nectarines and organic flat peaches; using minimum packaging and avoiding plastics and unnecessary energy costs.

Apricot trees in autumn.

Apricot trees in spring, flowering.

Young apricot fruits in spring.

Apricot fruits ripening.

Harvesting apricot fruits, directly from the trees and packaging.

Harvesting apricot fruits, directly from the trees and packaging.

Harvesting apricot fruits, directly from the trees and packaging.

Apricot fruits in boxes.

Flat peaches in boxes.

Apricot fruits in boxes, detail.